Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Whale Viewing in Antarctica - A Once in a Life-time Encounter You Cannot Manage to Miss

Even though Antarctica is known for its extremely cold environment, it is still overflowing with life. It is home to different types of animals that have the ability to hold up against the severity of the continent's environment. Antarctic animals consist of various striper, parrots, and animals. The animals that reside in the Antarctic region consist of seals and whales. There are indeed various varieties of whales that can be discovered in the rich waters of Antarctica that whale watching is one of the most common activities that the area's visitors enjoy.

Despite their enormous dimension, whales prove to be delightful. The way they shift beautifully through the the water is just fascinating. They are very smart animals that they are able to communicate with each other over lengthy distances for social reasons. They are animals, so we share certain features with them, and this is another purpose why we are enjoyed to them.

There are two groups of whales. These are the baleen whales and toothed whales. Instead of tooth, baleen whales have comblike components that are used to filter krill and seafood from the the water. The types of baleen whales that can be discovered in the rich waters of Antarctica include: